welcome to my page

when i decided to build a webpage for my photography, creating an ongoing blog was something that would help me channel my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and a nice, yet subtle way to vent.
this is a work in progress considering this is my first ever blog post so...a little about me:

my name is Kilho Park and im a photographer!!!!  hooray, another photographer  w another blog, haha.  ive spent my life exploring the world w a camera in my hands.  it's about time i keep some sort of record of it, right? 

anyway, stay tuned, there will be more content for you to pour over.  don't worry, i'll keep it light and simple and sometimes i'll bring the funny (well you can be the judge of that...constructive feedback is always appreciated.  just don't crush my feelings, mmmmmkay?  thanks).

cheers and thanks,